Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hi Everybody! It's been a while since our last post. I am still getting used to blogging! We had an exciting two months. We had a great visit from my brother, Uncle Lou for Father's day. He surprised my dad and we had a great weekend. Avery always loves when he comes to visit. She always knows that he will bring her lots of balloons!

The next weekend we had a visit from my JMU Italy girls. Sarah, Vanessa and Nicole (who had surprised me) came down to visit for our 11 year Firenze reunion! We had a great time spending time together, going to dinner and swimming. It meant so much to us to have them down here visiting! Avery loved meeting all her new Zia's! We even got her to say Zia (aunt in Italian.) She was the star of the weekend!

After that weekend we had our annual Fourth of July bash. All of Steven's friends from high school came down from NY & CT as well as some of my friends from NY and GA! We had a great time. We had a fabulous fireworks show and I am happy to say that all fingers and toes were accounted for. We also went to the Carrowinds amusement park for the day. Avery and Erin loved the rides and so did all the adults! It was a great time. The next day we took a trip to the lazy five ranch and did a "drive thru" safari. Avery really liked the safari, but did not like when the animals came close and into the car! It was too funny.

The next weekend we had a visit from Steven's cousin Colleen and her baby Jack. This was our first time meeting Jack so we were so excited. He was adorable and Avery just loved him. It was a wonderful weekend.

As you can see we have had quite a busy summer. We are looking forward to going to the outer banks at the end of August and cannot wait. We will have nine adults and four kids! What a great time that will be!

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